What will IEMA’s joining/registration/application fees be from 1st January 2021?

As approved by IEMA’s Board, application, upgrade and renewal fees for each of IEMA's membership grades will be charged at the following rates, on or after 1st January 2021.

Joining and Application Fees 2021



Student £26 £26 Membership Fee
Affiliate £131.50 £131.50 Membership Fee
Graduate £131.50 £131.50 Membership Fee
Associate £225 £141.50 Membership Fee, £83.50 Application Fee
Associate Exam (Exempt) £141.50 £141.50 Membership Fee
Practitioner £282 £171.75 Membership Fee, £110.25 Application Fee
Practitioner + REnvP £336 £171.75 Membership Fee, £110.25 Application Fee, £30 SocEnv Fee, £20 SocEnv Admin Fee + £4 VAT
Full £458.75 £188 Membership Fee, £270.75 Application Fee
Full Member + Cenv £570.75 £188 Membership Fee, £270.75 Application Fee, £88 SocEnv Fee, £20 SocEnv Admin Fee + £4 VAT
Fellow £485 £214.25 Membership Fee, £270.75 Application Fee
Retired £54.50 £54.50 Membership Fee

2021 Renewal Fees Price Breakdown
Student £26 £26 Renewal Fee
Affiliate £131.50 £131.50 Renewal Fee
Graduate £131.50 £131.50 Renewal Fee
Associate £141.50 £141.50 Renewal Fee
Practitioner £171.75 £171.75 Renewal Fee
Full £188 £188 Renewal Fee
Full Member + Cenv £244 £188 Renewal Fee, £44 SocEnv Fee, £10 SocEnv Admin Fee + £2 VAT
Fellow £214.25 £214.25 Renewal Fee
Fellow + Cenv £270.25 £214.25 Renewal Fee, £44 SocEnv Fee, £10 SocEnv Admin Fee + £2 VAT
Retired £54.50 £54.50 Renewal Fee

2021 Upgrade Fee*PriceBreakdown
Graduate£21.25£21.25 Upgrade Fee
Associate£83.50£83.50 Upgrade Fee
Associate (exam exempt)£83.50£83.50 Upgrade Fee
Practitioner£110.25£110.25 Upgrade Fee
Practitioner + REnvP£164.25£110.25 Upgrade Fee, £30 SocEnv Fee, £20 SocEnv Admin Fee + £4 VAT
Full£270.75£270.75 Upgrade Fee
Full Member + Cenv£382.75£270.75 Upgrade Fee, £88 SocEnv Fee, £20 SocEnv Admin Fee + £4 VAT
Fellow£270.75£270.75 Upgrade Fee

*Upgrade fees are a one off payment to be made at the time of your upgrade.

Please note that renewal fees are still applicable and will be required to maintain your membership.

Specialist Register Application Fees Price Breakdown
Principal Environmental Auditor£444.70£131.50 Membership Fee, £261 Application Fee+ VAT
Environmental Auditor£306.70£131.50 Membership Fee, £146 Application Fee + VAT
Associate Environmental Auditor£180.70£131.50 Membership Fee, £41 Application Fee+VAT
Lead Environmental Management System Auditor£216.70£131.50 Membership Fee, £71 Application Fee+VAT
Environmental Management System Auditor£185.50£131.50 Membership Fee, £45 Application Fee+VAT
ESOS Lead Assessor Training Workshop only£480including VAT
ESOS Lead Assessor including 1 day Training£510including VAT
ESOS Lead Assessor (application only)£150including VAT
Principal Environmental Impact Assessor£444.70£131.50 Membership Fee £261 Application Fee+VAT
Registered Environmental Impact Assessor£306.70£131.50 Membership Fee, £146 Application Fee+VAT
Associate Environmental Impact Assessor£180.70£131.50 Membership Fee, £41 Application Fee+VAT

Specialist Registration Renewal Price Breakdown
Principal Environmental Auditor£42including VAT
Environmental Auditor£42including VAT
Associate Environmental Auditor£42including VAT
Lead Environmental Management System Auditor£42including VAT
Environmental Management System Auditor£42including VAT
ESOS Lead Assessor£42including VAT
Principal Environmental Impact Assessor£42including VAT
Registered Environmental Impact Assessor£42including VAT
Associate Environmental Impact Assessor£42including VAT

What is the change from the 2020 to the 2021 rate for my Membership renewal?

Affiliate - £1.50

Associate - £1.50

Practitioner - £1.75

Full - £2

Full / Chartered Environmentalist £2

Fellow - £2.25

Fellow / Chartered Environmentalist - £2.25

I’m a Student member; how much will my next renewal cost?

As standard, your renewal will be £26. We recognise that you when joining and renewing your IEMA Membership, you are making an investment in your future so we want to do all we can to help you budget for that investment.

If your University is (or becomes) an IEMA for Universities Partner, you will be pleased to hear that your Student Membership services will be completely free of charge. If you would like to get some information on how your University can become an IEMA for Universities Partner – which would save you and all your course mates £26.00 per year – get your Course Leader to find out more here.

We cannot refund any Membership renewal payments you may have already made if your Student renewal date was/is before 1st January, as this new fee structure is applicable only after that date.

Why has IEMA changed some joining and renewal fees?

We review the member fees every year and have worked really hard to be both efficient and effective with membership income since we last made any changes to our fees. At the same time, we must ensure we can meet all of our current costs and invest in new and improved services for all Members and it has proved necessary to apply an increase to some Memberships.