Graduate (GradIEMA)


We’re already looking to the next generation of sustainability professionals. We’re looking to you.

Becoming an IEMA Graduate is a decisive first step towards a transformational role in business. On the way you’ll encounter new opportunities, deepen your knowledge and build relationships to last a lifetime. You’ll gain recognition and earning potential too. We’re ready to guide and support you all the way. Because by working together, we have a chance to reset the norms of business and uncover the way to a bright future for everyone. 

What is it?

A launchpad for graduates who want to take on a transformational role in business.

Who’s it for?

University graduates from across the subject spectrum, who have recently graduated.

What do you get?

  • The GradIEMA suffix — the mark of all you’ve learned in your degree and an essential asset when you apply for jobs.
  • Free entry to hundreds of events each year, where you’ll meet people who can offer you the best advice about your career path.
  • A way to keep your knowledge of developing practice and changing legislation up-to-date, with your free subscription to Transform magazine – the world’s most-read environment and sustainability publication.
  • Access to the guidance you need to help you do your job.
  • The chance to get involved in IEMA’s surveys and consultations, which influence the policies and regulations affecting your work.

How do you get it?

It’s easy to join. Tell us about you and your plans. You’ll need proof of your graduation from an approved or relevant degree or programme.

How do I Achieve it?- CLICK HERE

Application Form CLICK HERE

Where on the journey?

Graduate membership is a decisive first career move and the start of your progression towards becoming an IEMA Practitioner, as you apply your skills and knowledge.

And for your organisation…

Graduate membership is the mark of employees with essential skills for building future-proof organisations. By providing Graduate membership for your graduate recruits you can be confident that they’ll have the support, training resources, information and professional connections they need to perform to their full potential and help to drive change.

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