Full Member (MIEMA)


Lead change in your organisation — with the full force of IEMA behind you. 

Full membership of IEMA is the gold standard for environment and sustainability professionals who are setting agendas and leading initiatives within their organisations. If you’re working to turn a sustainability vision into action then we’re right with you. And as part of the worldwide community of IEMA Full members, you can expect to build a more influential network, accelerate your career and enhance your earning potential.

What is it?

The globally recognised standard for environment and sustainability professionals who are leading change within organisations.

Who’s it for?

Experienced environment and sustainability professionals with a strong record of achievement. Individuals playing a key role within organisations. You’re likely to be someone who is actively:

  • putting a vision into practice
  • improving the sustainability of your organisation’s infrastructure, products or services
  • contributing to the overall body of knowledge

What do you get?

  • The globally-recognised MIEMA suffix — acknowledging the years of knowledge and experience you’ve built in our profession.
  • The opportunity to meet and network with others facing the same senior-level professional challenges as you.
  • Access to leading events designed for people like you – short on time, big on impact.
  • The possibility of taking part in high-level roundtable debates, giving you a way to shape new guidance, policies and initiatives.
  • A role in developing our networks, guidance and media profile, as you use your knowledge to inform IEMA’s output.
  • The chance to contribute to Government consultations and help shape policy outcomes.
  • Potential for a presenting role at industry events, conferences and webinars.
  • Recognition as a mentor — for ambitious practitioners on the path to Full membership.
  • Gaining Full membership will also mean you become a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv). This is the qualification awarded to recognise significant expertise, experience, knowledge and influence in environmental management.

How do I achieve this?

Click here for application support and how to apply for Full membership of IEMA



Where on the journey?

Full membership is open to anyone with the right knowledge, capabilities and experience. It’s a next step for Practitioners who have stepped up to lead this agenda, and a natural route towards IEMA Fellow

And for your organisation…

IEMA Full members help make companies future-proof, bringing the resources, connections and influence that can enable organisations to deliver on a sustainability vision.

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