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Join a new generation of ambassadors for sustainability — leaders who are challenging the norms and transforming the world

The nature of leadership is changing: leaders increasingly need a strong sustainability record, while sustainability professionals are being called to step up and lead. IEMA Fellow is the definitive mark of these new advocates for change. Becoming a Fellow will put you at the forefront of our network of sustainability professionals — the largest and most established in the world. You’ll join a powerful alliance of ambassadors at the top of their profession, equipping you to live IEMA’s vision and lead to your full potential. 

What is it?

The world’s foremost community of sustainability leaders and advocates for sustainable business. The ultimate destination on your IEMA membership journey.

Who’s it for?

Proven, visionary leaders in business and across the sustainability profession. People at the head of major national and international organisations. Those who stand out for their sustained record of achievement and innovation. Ambassadors for transforming the world to sustainability, with the drive to turn vision into action. You’re likely to be:

  • Actively creating a vision for environment and sustainability across your organisation
  • Embedding this across the strategy of your organisation
  • Involved in shaping the development of a specialist field or discipline

What do you get?

  • A high profile place at the forefront of the environment and sustainability profession; be positioned as an IEMA Ambassador.
  • Access to a high level network of peers and fellow influencers, with whom you’ll collaborate on projects, publications and campaigns.
  • A platform for shaping the contours of our profession. Use your knowledge and experience to shape agendas and policies, through industry-defining consultations
  • The chance to further build your profile, with match-made keynotes and media opportunities that promote your skills, position and experience.
  • A channel for using your expertise to develop industry guidance that lights the way for practitioners around the globe.
  • Access to exclusive events created just for IEMA’s most influential and experienced members. Define the theme and aims for the event, take part in debates or simply attend to connect with other Fellows
  • A key role as mentor for aspiring Full and Fellow members — help them scale the heights you’ve already reached.
  • The FIEMA suffix — to build and capitalise on your personal brand.

How do you get it?

Demonstrate what you’ve achieved as a visionary leader and ambassador for sustainability, through a case study and peer review, which is a chance to share with us how you are leading change.

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Where on the journey?

Fellow is a natural next step for Full members but is open to anyone (including those who’ve yet to engage with IEMA) who is making a significant mark as a sustainability ambassador, has the right vision and is exercising modern leadership at a high level. 

And for your organisation…

Having an IEMA Fellow puts your organisation at the forefront of the drive to sustainability and can add real value and credibility to your brand.

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