Affiliate membership gives the wider professional community a way to benefit from the connections IEMA can provide.

Our work resonates far beyond the environment and sustainability profession, and we’re here to support everyone who shares our goal of a bright, sustainable future. By becoming an IEMA Affiliate you can tap into a wealth of information and expertise, while connecting your work with the world’s largest network of environment and sustainability professionals.

What is it?

A first step in the membership journey for those wanting to learn more from the environment and sustainability profession.

Who’s it for?

Anyone thinking seriously about environment and sustainability, who wants to be at the forefront, as part of the global network of environment and sustainability professionals.

What do you get?

  • A firm foot in the door of our profession, connecting you with all the latest developments, news and opportunities in environment and sustainability.
  • Monthly updates from Transform magazine – the world’s most-read environment and sustainability publication — along with 24/7 online news updates.
  • Free access to hundreds of events and webinars each year, providing all you need to know to be compliant, current and confident.

How do you get it?

You can join quickly and easily online.






Where on the journey?

Becoming an Affiliate is your foothold as an IEMA member and an effective way to stay in touch.

And for your organisation…

Affiliate membership gives your organisation valuable support, training resources, information and professional connections.

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