IEMA Futures is a network of students, graduates and young professionals who are passionate about environment and sustainability issues. As a network, we provide you with a platform to connect, inform, engage and drive your transition into becoming a future leader of the profession.

We are a member-led network delivering events and activities designed specifically for young IEMA members looking to kick-start their career. In our dynamic events programme, you will hear talks by industry leading experts and participate in interactive event workshops, ensuring that you’re up-to-date with the people, discoveries and challenges that are defining the industry today.

Becoming involved with our network delivers countless benefits. By joining us, you will:

  • expand your knowledge
  • develop your skills
  • put your studies into a real-world context
  • show employers that you’re serious about the profession
  • demonstrate that you’re committed to CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  • join a community of like-minded individuals.

Want to get involved? It’s easy, simply email [email protected] and let us know that you want to join. Once joining, you will receive information and updates about our events programme. On social media? Follow us on Twitter- @IEMAfutures

Past Events

Brexit: what does it mean for the Environment?

This event took place on the 6th February 2019.

During the course of the event, the following topics were covered:

  • environmental repercussions of Brexit through multiple lenses
  • what different scenarios could mean for you
  • what potential impact future trade deals could have, and how you think stakeholders should respond

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