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Membership of IEMA is all about getting involved with the big issues and connecting with others who understand and care about the same things. Whether you want to contribute to a policy consultation, or understand more about evolving practices, this is the right place to be.


Environment and sustainability is a fast moving profession, one that tackles global issues on every scale, every day. That’s why we’re at the cutting edge of new thinking. We influence and collaborate to have the right impact on global policies and help members stay up to date.

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Networks and regions

Our impactful Networks are all about members. Each one is a place for members to show their passion, connect with others and collaborate to take control of the agenda.

The Networks focus on topics that really resonate with members – from regional issues to global concerns. They give members the space to work together to discuss, debate, influence decisions and share learning.

Think global, act local: The Regions lead IEMA’s voice and member engagement across the UK and internationally. They champion the work of local members and create the partnerships needed to support the shift to a sustainable economy. Getting in touch with your IEMA Regional group is the perfect move to get involved in the agenda.

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Events and webinars

Learning and development doesn’t just come from the classroom. Sharing knowledge, experience and innovation is an important part of a professional’s life, and our choice of regular events and webinars help members to share what they’ve learned. They’re also a great way to stay in touch with big issues and hear from experts and other leaders as they discuss and debate our changing world.

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Benefits map

Every IEMA member has the key to a huge bank of resources that support learning and development, and keep you connected to issues you are passionate about.

The Benefits Map helps you locate what you need from the full archive, exactly when you need it. Search by type of update and by topic and you’ll quickly open up a whole new world of learning.