IEMA Interview Cancellation Policy

This interview cancellation policy is aimed at protecting the integrity of IEMA’s volunteers who conduct the assessments by encouraging its candidates/members to take the assessment process seriously and commit to the designated dates outlined at the beginning of the process.

IEMA’s volunteers dedicate their own time, outside of their own work commitments to conduct the interviews. Therefore, when a candidate cancels in short notice it impacts their personal revenue.

This IEMA policy is therefore in place to compensate volunteers for their time in the instance of a cancellation. If the candidate cancels or rearranges their final interview within 10 working days of the interview date, there will be a charge of £100*. All cancellations or rearrangements must be emailed to the Membership team at, outlining the reasons. For extenuating circumstances, this charge may be wavered, although evidence must be provided. If an interview has been arranged, but the assessor has advised the candidate to defer, this charge will be dismissed.

*The candidate’s application will be put on hold until the fee is paid. If this balance is still outstanding at the point of renewal, the candidate must reapply and pay the application fee again if they wish to continue.

This policy is effective from the 14th January 2019.

For further information relating to this policy please email the Membership Team at or call 01522 540 069.

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