IEMA Guide on Sustainable Finance

The finance sector and related professional services, incorporates banks, development finance institutions equity investors, insurers, legal services, pension funds and many more organisations that contribute in excess of £176 billion to the UK economy. Employing nearly 2.3m people and with above average productivity levels, the sector presents an incredible opportunity to bring about transformative change and accelerate the transition towards sustainability.

A shift in the global political and regulatory landscape is happening, and seeks to enhance risk management and boost the progress of green finance. However, given the complexity of financial markets and products, you may be wondering how environment and sustainability professionals can work with the sector to support the shift to sustainable finance?

This IEMA guide on Sustainable Finance – conceived and created by IEMA Fellows - is your opportunity to break down the complexity of financial markets and products, understand their purpose and function, and assess how they differ in their consideration of environmental and social factors. It also highlights the catalyst role that IEMA members can play in supporting this global transition to sustainable finance.

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