IEMA Governance and Member Conduct

IEMA Member Promise Image

IEMA membership is not a single, flat entity. It is made up of a huge range of features and opportunities, fortified by four conduct and competence systems. Together they form the IEMA Membership Promise.

When viewed individually or in unison, these systems safeguard the reputation and credibility of our profession and every single member working in it.


Governance Promise Image IEMA Governance

IEMA’s Governance includes a Professional Standards Committee (PSC). The PSC are responsible for oversight and scrutiny of IEMA’s Professional Standards activities and Policies. They ensure that the development and application of IEMAs professional standards, assessments and training, are global, valid and fair. They are also responsible for member conduct; acting as guardians of the code of professional conduct and ensuring effective appeals and disciplinary processes are adopted and implemented.  Find out more


Skills Map promise image Skills Map and Membership standards

IEMA’s Skills Map sets out the knowledge and skills required of sustainability professionals at all stages in their career. Through engagement with members and employers, we identified 13 knowledge and skill areas that are key for high performing environment and sustainability professionals. These 13 knowledge and skill areas are identified in the skills map. The Associate, Graduate, Practitioner, Full and Fellow Membership Standards describe in detail what a member at each grade is expected to know and be able to do. The assessments, that form the gateway to each professional grade, safeguard the credibility and integrity of each grade. Find out more


CPD Promise image CPD policy

The credibility of our profession is built on the commitment of all members to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It is everyone’s responsibility to keep their knowledge and skills current. CPD is the process of setting your development goals, carrying out a range of learning, and recording and reflecting on what you’ve done. It’s an important part of any professional’s working life, and a mandatory requirement of a professional members annual membership renewal. Find out more


code of conduct promise image IEMA Code of Professional Conduct

The IEMA Code of Professional Conduct is a framework of seven behaviours which set out how we behave as part of this profession, and what others should expect from us, and what we can ask of our fellow Environment & Sustainability Professionals. Find out more


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