Our Board & Governance

As a limited company, our external relationships, mission and objectives are governed by our Memorandum of Association; whilst our internal operations are governed by the Articles of Association.  These are combined into IEMA’s Governance Document, which expands upon and adds detail to elements of the Memorandum and Articles.

We, as a 'not for profit organisation', plough all our profits back into the our future operations, rather than distributing them to any shareholders.


The Board of Directors provide entrepreneurial leadership of the Institute within a framework of prudent and effective controls, which enables risk to be assessed and managed. The Board delegate powers to various committees which are advisory in nature and operate under specific terms of reference.


Board Sub Committees

There are three Board Sub Committees: Finance Committee, Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee. Board members are selected to sit on these specialist Committees in accordance with their relevant skills and experience.


Strategic Advisory Council

The Strategic Advisory Council is the key advisory body to the Board on long-term issues that will frame how the profession needs to develop in the future.



Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee review the on-going appropriateness and relevance of the Institute’s professional standards policy.  It  advises and makes recommendations to the Board on any changes to the requisite professional standards for the Institute in line with any legislative or best practice changes.


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