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We’re transforming the world to sustainability. As the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals, we’re working to make our businesses and organisations future-proof. Through our global sustainability standards and partnerships, we are driving understanding and uptake of crucial skills that will keep the world of business in business. Discover more about our work and how to get involved.

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Belonging gives the knowledge, opportunities, connections and authority to lead collective change. Become a part of the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals today.
IEMA membership means you’re worth taking seriously because you know your stuff, you care and you’re out to make a difference.

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Your development and the impact of your skills are central to our focus. Together we can drive your career journey forward. Get the guidance, opportunities and tools to build your learning and realise your goals.

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Our mission is built on the power of collaboration and connections, and the opportunities created when we all work together. Stay up to date, get involved, share your views and meet passionate professionals.

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Your career is a journey, and each stage calls on you to play new roles through doing, influencing, developing, learning or leading. Membership is the firm foundation of your skills development along the way. Access all you need to keep your environment and sustainability journey on the right road.

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Being on a constant mission to transform the world to sustainability means there’s always a lot happening at IEMA. Find out more about our latest news, recent research and new resources for you.

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