The Future Challenges of Environmental Auditing Special Report

The Future Challenges of Environmental Auditing Special Report

Auditing is a critical process in monitoring, managing and enhancing an organisation’s environmental performance. Yet the demands on the profession are quickly changing which means the learning, support and development opportunities open to Auditors also need to shift, and just as fast. So, it’s time to review and reset.

What are the future challenges of environmental auditing, and what needs to change to ensure this crucial function continues to add maximum value? Where is new guidance needed? How are changing legislation and standards impacting on auditing? This new IEMA Special Report considers all these questions and provides solutions and suggestions for the future.

Download your FREE copy* of this special report to take a detailed and up-to-date look at the increasingly complex landscape of environmental auditing. Get your copy to understand more about the challenges and potential solutions around:

  • Opinions on auditing practice and its value
  • Recognised challenges for environmental auditing
  • New requirements of ISO 14001:2015
  • Auditing senior management
  • Behaviours and culture
  • Life cycle and the supply chain, and social and ethical issues

Over 600 individuals with experience of environmental auditing contributed to the study behind this report, which was written for IEMA by Nigel Leehane of Leehane Environmental Consulting. Nigel is a Fellow member of IEMA and in addition to being an IEMA Principal Environmental Auditor also chairs the BSI and ISO sub-committees for environmental auditing.

Future Challenges of Environmental Auditing

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*Please note that as this is a 78-page PDF report, it may not be suitable for download or viewing on mobile devices.

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