The world today is undergoing immense change at an incredible pace.

Climate change, population growth, threats to nature, resource concerns, and global development pressure, have all combined to create the ‘perfect storm of issues’. Impacting on organisations, economic prosperity, communities, health and wellbeing, this perfect storm presents numerous risks and challenges for environment & sustainability professionals in supporting the transition to sustainability.

In parallel to this, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is bringing an emerging fundamental shift in the way we live and work as a society. 4IR and disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) have the potential to lead to new business models, products, and services. AI for example is beginning to transform agriculture in important ways, introducing self-driving tractors that use GPS, satellite imagery, and AI solutions to plant more efficiently and optimise sustainable water management.

Given the opportunities but also the risks that these changes may bring, this thought piece - conceived and created by IEMA Fellows - sets out the key challenges for business in making the transition to a sustainable digital economy. While providing some insight on the impact of disruptive technologies on society, the environment and the global economy, the document sets out a general call for action by the wider IEMA membership in this area, suggesting what first steps professionals may take within their respective organisations to begin that transition.

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