Resource Articles

Registrants to the EIA Quality Mark scheme are not only committed to delivering high quality assessments and reports for their clients, but also actively work to improve practice. One approach that has been taken to do this is to stimulate discussion and debate through short thought provoking articles about different aspects of EIA practice.

The growing library of articles set out on this page act to:

Set out advice on core stages in the EIA process;
Explore long standing challenges that need to be debated to be advanced;
Discuss new issues faced by practitioners; and
Set out concerns on difficulties that hold back effective EIA

Please note that the resources listed below have been submitted over the course of several registration periods. As such, please be aware that any time-sensitive content (for example: legislation and regulation, etc.) may no longer be accurate, and may be prone to becoming out of date as practices change over time.


Reducing the Burden of Environmental Assessments-Challenges and Solutions

The 2017 EIA Regulations – A Marine Consultant’s View July 2018

Cumulative Assessments Working Towards Best Practice

Adams Hendry Consulting Ltd

Mitigation Measures in EIA Screening

Consideration of Alternatives

When EIA is not Enough

Competent Experts, Sufficient Expertise

Assests- Effects or Harm

The Short Term Impact of Brexit on the EIA Process

Brexit and the Future of EIA

Developing EIA Practice

Adams Hendry article Keep EIA Simple.pdf

Adams Hendry article Scoping and EIA.pdf

Adams Hendry article Shouldnt EIA be more farsighted

EIA Screening and Statutory Undertakers

Amended EIA Directive – Already Best Practice?

Enhancing the Effectiveness of the EIA Scoping Process


EIA and Social Value: a forward-thinking approach-July 2019

Major Accidents and Disasters: Proportionate Assessment for Highway Schemes-January 2019

Illuminating Daylight Assessment within EIA

Environmental Assessments and Appraisals- EIA in Disguise- March 2018

Why is Co-Location still Often the Best Way to Colaborate

The Best Laid Plans – the role of an EIA coordinator in developing the realistic worst case for design and construction

AECOM article EIA And Scheme Information.pdf

AECOM article Innovation born of compressed programme.pdf

Probability and its role in determining impact significance

New Espoo - Update on EC guidance on Transboundary Impact Assessment

Securing mitigation measures for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

Importance of Microclimate Assessment of Tall Buildings

Andrew Martin Planning

EIA & Hybrid Applications-June 2019

Arcadis/ Hyder

The Use of Life Cycle Analysis in Environmental Impact Assessment-May 2019

BIM, Smart Motorways and the Environmental Discipline – How does BIM work in practice?

Progressing Environmental Impact Assessment

Arcadis- The new EIA Directive

Hyder Consulting article Environmental Statements Unfriendly Giants.pdf

Hyder Consulting article EIA and the search for significance of EIA.pdf

To what extent are EIAs influenced by SEAs?

The reporting of embedded mitigation measures and mitigation measures in environmental statements

Integrating ecosystem services and the ecosystems approach into project-level EIA

Effective use of EIA to ensure compliance with the Water Framework Directive - limiting the need for multiple assessments and lost time

Restructuring Environmental Statements

BIM and EIA - starting with the basics

The Changing Face of Construction Environmental Management Plans


Reasonable Alternatives - When is an alternative not an alternative?

When EIA actually influences design - a case study

The biodiversity chasm is opening - time to act

Seeking early engagement on the scope of EIA for Londons Garden Bridge

Social Monitoring

Ash Design & Assessment

The Emergence and Evolution of GLVIA; a Landscape Architect’s Personal Recollections-August 2018

Striking a balance between professional judgement and data-driven conclusions in LVIA-June 2018

Secondary Mitigation of Adverse Landscape and Visual Effects

Repowering A Landscape and Visual Perspective on the Baseline Debate

The importance of effective quality management in EIA.

Mitigating the Landscape and Visual Effects of Substations

The importance of stakeholder consultation during the EIA process (from a Scottish perspective)

Peat Management and Landscape Mitigation: The Need for an Integrated Approach


How much is too much? Planning’s role in reduce carbon emissions- November 2019

EIA implications of adding further elements to an EIA development-June 2019

EIA and Sustainable Design

Parameter Based EIA in Development Consent Orders

Environmental Assessments of Transport Impacts

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal of Low Impact, Large-scale Transport Infrastructure Schemes

Atkins article Blackwater Valley Revised.pdf

Use of risk assessment in EIA and archaeological assessment

Environmental legislation: A comparison of the US and EU/UK and the effects on EIA

High Time to bring Ecosystem Services into Environmental Impact Assessment

Linking the WFD with EIA - how best to achieve this for ‘larger non-Environment Agency’ schemes

EIA and EMS integration in the waste industry

Meaford Energy Centre Assessing in-Combination Effects

Barton Willmore

Talk Isn't Cheap when it Provides Results

The Implications of the 25 Year Environmental Plan on EIA

Brexit: The future for EIA

EIA & Section 73 Applications

The b-EIA-utiful Game- The Practice of EIA in Sports Stadia


Parliamentary Northern Estate Project – EIA in Areas of Historic Importance

Planning and EIA in Jersey

Sun, Sand and Statutory Process- Planning and EIA in Jersey

EIA in World Heritage

Wood Wharf Ensuring Consistency Through E.S Compliance


Environmental Protection After Brexit- The Devil, The Watchdog and the 25 Year Plan

Avoid, Reduce, Compensate? Uncertainty, Integral Design Features and Other Difficult Questions about EIA Mitigation after "People Over Wind"

Post Consent Monitoring and the 2017 Town and Country Planning EIA Regulations – How is monitoring to be secured? What Mechanisms are open to LPAs

What happens when post-consent monitoring highlights that EIA mitigation is not working as expected? What does this mean for the ES and the Project assessed?

Front Loading and Securing Mitagation and Monitoring for Projects

What Propoed Environmental Assessment Changes Mean

The importance of Socio-Economic Assessment in Improving EIA Practice

Environmental Impact Assessments must be Integral to Developments

In or Out for the Revised EIA Directive?

Urban developments bring specific EIA challenges

Black & Veatch

Managing the Challenge of Uncertainty within EIA_April 2019

The Value of Geomorphology in Environmental Impact Assessments- January 2018

Effective Stakeholder Engagement Within EIA- January 2018

Digital Graphics for LVIA

Ecosystem Services Valuation and FCERM Funding Challenge

Black Veatch article Building Bridges Between Strategies And Projects.pdf

Black Veatch article Effective consultation allows uncontested EIA.pdf

Water Framework Directive compliance assessments

Managed realignment provides multiple environmental benefits at Hesketh Out Marsh

Re-Connecting Green and Blue Infrastructure - Lower Swansea Valley Flood Risk Management Scheme

An objective approach to Human Population impact assessment: an example using Northwich Flood Risk Management Scheme

Our City Our River: EIA Helps Embed Mitigation and Enhancements into Project Design

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment should be used as a Tool, not just a Survey

Building Community and Partner Consensus on the Design of a Major Flood Relief Channel

BWB Consulting Limited

Can EIA Policy Alone Prevent Flooding?-June 2019

Changes to Landfill Tax – Navigating the Waste Permitting Minefield_April 2019

How Global Trends in Consumption have Affected Sustainable Development- April 2019


Maternity Leave and Returning to Work, Expectation vs Reality

Proportionate EIA– Putting the Environmental Statement on a diet

Exploring Digitisation of EIA

The Future for Transport Assessment in EIA

EcIA 2016 Changes to Guidelines

Greater flexibility for planning permissions

CampbellReith article Engagement v Consultation.pdf

Out of sight, out of mind

Risk-based assessment approach to geoenvironmental assessments compared to the significance approach

Can the NPPF deliver sustainable development?

Implications Of The New EIA Regulations Screening Thresholds

“We’ve got a pre-App for that!” - The Role of the Planning pre-Application mechanism, and how it relates to EIA


Consideration of Cumulative Schemes: Implementing the EIA Regulations 2017

People Over Wind: Implications for EIA-February 2019

New EIA Regulations

Reducing the Length of Environmental Statements: A new Approach

Chris Blandford Associates Ltd

Revised NPPF and the historic environment: all change or no change? August 2018

Embedded mitigation & heritage assets: how to influence design and win friends_July 2018

EIA and Green Infrastructure Delivery

EIA and Environmental Management Plans

Ecological Impact Assessment and Habitat Mosaics

Green Infrastructure and EIA

CBA article Considering Alternatives During The EIA.pdf

Ecological Impact Assessment and Leisure Destinations

EIA of Urban Regeneration schemes in historic cities

Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plans

The Interrelationship between Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment and Cultural Heritage Assessment

Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment and stakeholder engagement

Ecological Impact Assesment and Brownfield Land

Sensitivity Rules!

CH2M Hill

Non-Motorised user Integration Initiative

Ecosystem Services Assessmentnt- Where is the Value?

Potteric Carr- A Green Transport Corridor Initiative

Cotswold Canals Regeneration Project

Crossing the Solent - Understanding EIA Challenges for Utility Providers

External Lighting: Assessing the Implications & Effects

The Worcestershire Parkway


David Lock Associates

Amending an Existing Planning Permission: Taking a Proportionate Approach to Environmental Impact Assessment Revisions

Updated Practice: EIA Screening- April 2019

'Embedded' and 'Further' Mitigation- How do they Differ and does the Distinction Matter? Jan 2019

Taking the Opportunity for a Comprehensive and Iterative Consideration of Design Alternatives Through EIA

Good Practice on Consultation

Good Practice on Proportionality

Monitoring, Measures and EIA

Reasoned Conclusions on Significant Effects

Implications on the Approach to EIA Screening

The assessment of job numbers in Outline Planning Applications

EIA Screening - Common mistakes and what to watch for

Multi-Stage Projects: Practical Considerations in Reserved Matters Applications

Scope of Socio-Economic Impact Assessments in a Post CIL World

Deloitte LLP

A Proportionate Approach to Socio-Economic Assessment in EIA

Environmental Statement Addendums: A Proportionate Approach

The Impact of the 2017 EIA Regulations from a Planning Perspective

The Benefits of Early Testing with Regard to Wind Urban Microclimate Matters

EIA Screening in City Centre Planning Projects

An EIA co-ordinator point of view - in the midst of ‘competent experts

DHA Planning

How can we improve the assessment of cumulative effects?-December 2019

Mitigation in EIA screening: caution prevails-December 2019

Determining alternatives and future baselines: tales from a quarry-April 2019

The Rochdale Envelope-the Problem with Stack Heights in DCO's

Greenhouse Gas Assessment in EIA- A Toothless Tiger

Risks of Major Accidents and or Disasters an NSIP Experience

Has the Government’s Discretionary Advice Service reduced the effectiveness of formal EIA Scoping?


Supreme Court ruling confirms community benefits breach of land use planning legal principles- January 2020

Managing overlapping regulatory consultations for new development proposals in Wales

What Changes to the Scottish EIA Regs 2017 Should EIA P[ractitioners be Aware of?

Onshore Renewables EIA Projects in the Doldrums-Jan 2018

Mitigation need not always be a reaction solely to reduce impacts but can be a precursor for much wider, sustainable benefits

Defra study on bats and wind farms: what are the implications for future EIAs?

Dulas article A Renewable Energy Skills Gap.pdf

Interaction amongst EIA specialisms during peat assessment

Effective resolution of alternative design options in the EIA / development process: tools and consultation

Screening Out through Effective Scoping

When it comes to complex EIA issues, it can be challenging to steer an appropriate course that protects the developer from unreasonable requirements

Good practice construction method statements (CMS) and environmental management plans (EMPs) to ‘screen out’ hydro-electric developments in designated areas

Role of EIA and off-site mitigation to protect avian species


UK Coastal Consenting – opportunities and challenges in cross-jurisdiction EIA

Considering greenhouse gas emissions during screening_July 2018


Integrating Equality into Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)_July 2019

Air Quality Monitoring in Developing Regions_April 2019

Cultural Heritage EIA on large infrastructure projects

Effective Follow-up and Monitoring in Environmental Impact Assessment

Landscape matters

EIA For Seismic Survey in the North Sea

East Anglia Offshore Wind (EAOW) ZONE EIA

Successful Impact Assessment of First of a Kind Projects

White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project

Looking Ahead-How the Airports Commission's Work on Noise Mitigation for a new London Runway way Impact Other UK Airports

GoBe Consultants Limited

Management of Post-Consent Compliance for Offshore Wind Farms - A Challenging Journey

Exploring EIA Methods to Minimise Future Marine Licence Conditions and Restrictions in Relation to Spawning Fish Populations and Offshore Wind Farms-Sept 18

Golder Associates

Assessing the vulnerability of UK priority habitats to climate change using Natural England’s National Biodiversity Climate Change Vulnerability Model

Peat in the Context of EIA and an Instructive Tale from Scotland

Eflow Maintaining Ecological Function and not just going with the Flow

Fauld Mine Ecosystem Services Review

Observations of a UK Heritage Consultant Working in the RoI

Biodiversity Offsetting-How to use a Sharp Tool and Avoid a Blunt Instrument

Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd

Delivering Quality Development

Jacobs article Prescription Of Mitigation Some Discussion Points.pdf

Jacobs article The Bigger Picture.pdf

Jacobs article PEI in national infrastructure planning.pdf

Enabling works

Beyond the Statement - Turning words into action in EIA

Challenges in Receiving Validation on the Scottish Government Endorsed Carbon Calculator for Wind Farm Developments

Future Baselines…Crystal Clear or Crystal Ball?

Finding a home for fluvial geomorphology in EIA in the UK

The revised EU EIA Directive 2014/52/EU - What does it mean for the assessment of human health in the future?

JBA Consulting

Net zero emissions: A new benchmark for assessing the significance of greenhouse gas emissions in EIA? Article 1: The basis for assessing ‘Net Zero’ greenhouse gas emissions in EIA.

Net zero emissions: A new benchmark for assessing the significance of greenhouse gas emissions in EIA? Article 2: A proposal for ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions EIA significance.

LDA Design

Are we Underselling the Benefits of EIA?

Relaxation of planning application rules

Land Use Consultants (LUC)

Effective EIA in Scotland: The 2017 EIA Regulations 18 Months On

Preparing a Climate Change Chapter for an EIA

Revised English guidance on the setting of heritage assets to bring greater clarity

Commitment 7 - Delivery of first EIA article 2016-17

LUC Cascade article A Fresh Look At Environmental Statements.pdf

LUC article Cumulative Additional combined or both.pdf

LUC article Residential visual amenity assessment.pdf

LUC article Role of the Ecological Clerk of Works on Clyde Wind Farm

Meeting the tests of PAN 1/2013: Neart na Gaoithe offshore windfarm onshore works

Groundwater Dependent Turbine Engulfers

Effective EIA for large scale projects


Where the Cold Wind Blows. EIA and the Design of Biodiversity Enhancement for Minerals Development-Article 1 February 2019.

Where the Cold Wind Blows. EIA and the Design of Biodiversity Enhancement for Minerals Development-Article 2 February 2019.

The Revised Draft NPPF and Environmental Assessment

Proportionality Prevents Poor Performance

EIA and Developments of National Significance

Human Health and Scoping

Quality Mark Commitment 7 - Article from NLP

Pull Yourself Together – Simplifying the Production of an Environmental Statement

Cumulative Impacts of Emerging Allocations

Best laid plans of mice and an EIA Consultant - ES Addendums: need and approach

Screening Thresholds and ‘Unnecessary Screening

Mott MacDonald

A Critique of the UK Governments 25 Year Environment Plan

Stakeholder Perceptions of Environmental Management Plans

Applying the Planning Inspectorate’s (2015) ‘Advice Note Seventeen Cumulative Effects Assessment’ for a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project: Experiences gained and lessons learned.


Geological SSSI – Securing Social Benefits Through The EIA Process

A reflection on the approach to mitigating potential significant effects on the views and context of the heritage resources

What is the purpose of EIA?

EIA and archeological risk management

Neither Judge nor Jury - Professional Judgement in LVIA

Practical and effective environmental mitigation

EIA Limitations and Client Expectation

Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment Consultancy – A Graduate's Perspective

CEEQUAL - Managing Compliance, Best Practice and Client Expectations

Addressing the Aims of the Noise Policy Statement for England through the EIA Process

Casting a Wide Net: Why Big Data is Important in Heritage

Natural Power

Apportioning impacts upon Larus gulls for Caithness wind farm developments: A review-March 2019

Monitoring EIA Commitments Past the EIA Report

Experience ConsideringGWDTE During the EIA Process

Subsidy Free Energy and Proportionate EIA

Experiences Gained from Delivery of Offshore Wind Energy in the UK that could Inform the Environmental Assessment of Portuguese Projects

Evolution of the Design Envelope approach for offshore wind farm projects: Undertaking impact assessments in the face of uncertain project design.

Flying High To Reduce Ground Survey Effort

Reviewing the Scope of Wind Farm EIA’s in a Low Cost of Energy Environment

Hidden Depths: Uncertainties in Peat Impact Assessments

(The) National Environmental Assessment Service (NEAS)

EIA meet NFM_April 2019

Managing the Challenge of Uncertainty within EIA_April 2019

Vibrant and Readable Environmental Statements- Part 1

Vibrant and Readable Environmental Statements- Part 2

What Makes a Good EIA Consultee?

Adapting Environmental Assessment

NEAS article Integrating The Water Framework Directive in EIA_long version.pdf

NEAS article Making environmental assessment matter.pdf

Managing environmental risk on flood risk management projects

Greatham Managed Realignment Scheme

A day in the High Court of Justice

More for the environment - the role of the client-based environment and sustainability professional

Nexus Planning

The growing requirement for future baselines-July 2019

Non-technical summaries – can they be more engaging?

South West Aylesbury

EIA- How Relevant is Gender Inequality?

The Consequences of the EIA Regulations Changes in May 2017- Jan 2018

EIA for On- Shore Wind Energy- Screeninjg Thresholds

EIA Directive- An Increased Emphasis on Screening

BroadwayMalyan article EIA And The MasterPlanning process.pdf

BroadwayMalyan article The Role Of Mitigation In The Design Process.pdf

The assessment of construction effects

The importance of public consultation as part of EIA

Nicholas Pearson Associates

Visual Representation of Development Proposals-October 2019

The EIA Regulations: Two Years On-May 2019

Roath Brook Flood Risk Management Scheme, Cardiff-March 2019

Mitigating the Impacts of Artificial Lighting on Wildlife

Verified Visual Montages and Environmental Impact Assessment- January 2018

Wildfire Mitigation-January 2018

NPA article And In Conclusion.pdf

NPA article Keeping A Promise.pdf

EIA for multiple s73 Planing Applications

Location, Location, Location…Review of alternative sites

When Size Matters…Thresholds for EIA Screening

Reducing The Scope By Increasing It

NJL Consulting

NJL article Keeping Track Of Best Practice.pdf

Effective EIA scoping

EIA and BREEAM in Developments

Post-EIA Monitoring

Environmental Impact Assessment Thresholds

Local Development Orders

Parsons Brinckerhoff

ParsonsBrinckerhoff article Combating Air Pollution In Botswana.pdf

ParsonsBrinckerhoff article Mitigation in EIA How far is far enough.pdf

ParsonsBrinckerhoff article Assessment of Cumulative Effects.pdf

How EIA positively influences project design

Preliminary Environmental Information for applications for Orders granting development consent under the Planning Act 2008

The Benefits of Non-Statutory EIA at Muchelney, Somerset

Examinations in public for Orders granting development consent under the Planning Act 2008

Pegasus Group

Integrating climate change into different stages of the EIA process– Reflections on EIA Practice_ April 2019

From Graduate to EIA Coordinator – reflection on one year in the industry_April 2019

Implications of EIA Legislation for Best Practice in Wind Farm Assessment

Visable Aviation Warning Lighting Implications for LVIA Best Practice

Amended EIA Regulations

The Role of Environmental Enhancement Strategies

Pegasus article The Environmental Assessment Of Solar Parks.pdf

Ecosystem Services and their role in Environmental Assessment

The Benefit of Construction Environmental Management Plans as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process

The role of Arboricultural Impacts Assessments in shaping the design of proposals and contributing to EIA

Townscape (Character) and Visual Assessment in EIA

Peter Brett Associates LLP

Reinventing Non-Technical Summaries in a digital age

The Challenges of Post Decision Monitoring in EIA's

A Local Development Order: The Nexus 25 LDO and EIA

Health Impacts due to Living Near Major Roads

Streamlining of Environmental Assessments

The Rochdale Envelope approach

Is EIA Scoping in England effective?

Change in the air - is development at risk?

Embodied carbon - getting the numbers right

A New Spin On Wind Energy


The UK’s ‘Net-Zero’ Target: the planning policy response-October 2019

Quod Article Legal Challenges 2_April 2019.pdf

Equalities, Public Sector Duty and Impact Assessment

Construction Environmental Management Plans in Scoping Proportionate EIA

Calculated Chaos: Why data is still the best tool to tackle infrastructure planning – a focus on education

Ramboll Environment and Health UK Limited

Environmental Impact Assessment in UK Overseas Territories – An Overview-October 2019

Quantifying Environmental Net Gain_April 2019

Health in EIA- April 2019

EIA and the Hybrid Bill Process for High Speed 2

Managing Consultation Fatigue in EIA

Environ Pulic Consultation for Overhead Electricity Transmission Line

Living on a Wharf – Unlocking the potential of London’s Safeguarded Wharves

Environ article Assessing Air Quality From Construction Projects.pdf

Local Development Orders and EIA

Micro turbines and wildlife conservation

An Environmental Statement teardown - identifying opportunities for leaner environmental statements

Effective Scoping as a means to deliver proportionate EIA

Risks of Dismissing Great Crested Newt Surveys from Ecological Impact Assessments based on Habitat Suitability Assessments only

Post submission changes for EIA development

Sharing of Information for EIA and Environmental Permitting

Successes and Lessons Learned from Habitat Restoration of Coal Mining Site in East Ayrshire

Ricardo Energy and Environment (formerly Cascade Consulting)

Monitoring and Biodiversity Net Gain-April 2019

Lessons on EIA Practitioner Independence-April 2019

Mitigations and Residual Effects in EIA and SEA

Resisting Pressure to Deliver EIA Level Detail in SEA

Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation

Cascade article Denge water treatment works extension.pdf

Cascade article Environmental Assessment for Water Company Drought plans.pdf

Environmental Assessments in Water Resources Management Plans

Stakeholder Engagement for Water Industry Abstraction Investigations

Use of Cost Benefit Analysis in Design of Odour Mitigation

Royal HaskoningDHV

How Tidal Stream Energy Developments can Benefit from the Rochdale Envelope

RoyalHaskoning article EIA Coordinators More Than A Sum Of Their Parts.pdf

Changes to international impact assessment for project finance

Marine energy - a new challenge in EIA

Development effects on our climate – can they be assessed?

The Importance of Scheme fix in EIA: Lessons learnt from a recent large EIA

The Changing Face of Impact Assessment - Impact Assessment is changing. What will it like look in 5 years from now?

Considerations and Implications of DCO Amendments

RPS Group Ltd

The Holohan Judgement – EIA case law relating to the Habitats Directive-May 2019

The 2017 EIA Regulations - incorporating new topics: A look back in practice

Health Impacts come into EIA

Securing Embedded Mitigation Through Iterative Design

Lines on a Plan- how Does EIA Differ for Linear Projects

Lost in Translation: EIA Mitigation Measures

The assessment of peat resources through the EIA process

Constraints, analysis and design evolution for onshore wind farms

Conserving Special Places - The Role of Environmental Impact Assessment

Flying in the face of EIA - the challenges of undertaking EIA on airport development

Inter-related Effects

RSK Group Ltd

The consenting challenge of repowering/extension of life for onshore renewable developments-January 2020

Health Impact Assessment – An Overview-January 2020

Air Quality, Dust and Odour Impact Assessment: An Update to the Guidance_December 2018

Health Impact Assessment and its links to improving sustainability

Delivering Quality Development- Ongoing Involvement. February 2018

Effective Proportionjate EIA's Achieveable or Simply Pie in the Sky?

Experience in applying the new Planning Guidance on the Assessment of Mineral Dust Impacts

Adopting a Management Systems Approach to Construction Environmental Management Plans – (Plan Do Check Act).

RSK article Impacts and Effects Do We Really Understand The Difference.pdf

Where does my planning chapter go?

Mitigation - Applying Best Practice to Real Life Projects

Beyond EIA: an Environmental Management Perspective - the practical use of an EIA on site

EIA, Planning & Permitting

Environmental Impact Assessment – Transforming the world to sustainability?

Experiences of collaborative EIA


Dynamic Data Production – Where to Draw the Line?)

Strategic Local Plan Allocations, EIA and ‘Cookie Cutting’

Making Amendments to Large Scale EIA Developments

Post- Consent Monitoring Within EIA- An Update in Light of Regulation Changes-March 2019

Permitted Development, Environmental Impact Assessment and the Habitat Regulations

Explaining decision-taking and mitigation measures as part the EIA planning decision-making process - the importance of the EIA Regulations.

Savills Article A Shed Load Of Issues - The EIA of Large Storage and Distribution Warehouses

Additional environmental information - what is it and what are the obligations to publicise its availability?

Policy Issue or Development Specific Environmental Effect

SKM Enviros

SKM Enviros article Climate Change Adaptation And Mitigation In EIA.pdf

A Consultants Point of View on the Proposed EIA Directive

The role of community consultation on major infrastructure projects

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in Developing Countries - Protecting Communities, the Environment AND Clients’ Interests

Health Impact Assessment in the EIA Process

SLR Consulting

Approach to Noise Mitigation in EIA

A New Era for Dust_July 2018

SLR article Cultutral heritage.pdf

Assessing effects and impacts of transport mitigation in EIA

The wind of change

Noise Source Mitigation using bales of straw

An Approach to Assessing and Protecting Groundwater

Odour Impact Assessment and new guidance


Evolution and Adaptability within Parameters Plans

Screening for evolving road schemes

Effective Scoping and the Benefits of Consultation

Implementing the changes to the requests for enhanced Screening Opinions introduced by the 2017 EIA Regulations – 11 months on. The challenges and opportunities in Practice.

Consideration of Alternatives in EIA

Effective Management in EIA

Parameters within Environmental Assessment

Cumulative Assessment in EIA - the role of the ES Coordinator and Individual Technical Specialists

The benefits of including a Socio Economic technical Paper in EIA

Mitigation Through Design and EIA - Designing out Risk and Designing in Mitigation

Cumulative Impacts – What is a Reasonably Foreseeable Action?

Non-Technical Summaries - Capturing the essence of the Environmental Statement


Do UK EIA Regulations and Guidance Allow Long Distance Sewer Projects to Avoid EIA?-October 2019

EIA and Habitat Regulation Assessment- Coordination or Conflict

Making SUDS the first-choice option-September 2018

Maintaining Existing Infrastructure

Splitting Enabling Works from Main Works Implications for EIA

Uncertainties in EIA

Aligning Procurement Strategies with EIAs is Key to Successful Project Delivery

MWH article EIA In The Water Industry.pdf

Politics and poor judgement in EIA Screening Opinions - an example from the Water Sector

The Last Frontier – The Impacts of Tourism in Antarctica

Integrating EIA and HIA to protect human health

Why EIA Screening in the Water Sector can be Complicated

How to Negotiate Your Way Out of an EIA

Stephenson Halliday

Isle of Man Environmental Impact Assessment_December 2018

Wind Farm Repowering in Scotland

Proportionate Landscape- Visual Impact Assessment

Are Worst Case Scenario Assessments Stifling Acceptable Development?

How to Approach Environmental Impact Assessment for Offshore Components

Establishinhg the Baseline for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment


Viva la LIVA – Is it time to revisit the Environmental Impact Assessment?-September 2019

Temple Group Ltd

Major Accidents and Disasters in EIA_June 2018

Are the BRE guidelines ‘Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight: A Guide to Good Practice’ (2011) a barrier to development?

Changes to the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive: Competent Experts

Temple article Turbulent Times.pdf

Temple and Mouchel article Click to screen EIA software.pdf

Environmental Planning: A comparison between UK and US Policies

Proportionality in EIA and design development

Terence O'Rourke

EIA: Mission Creep?-October 2019

Landscape Institute Guidance on Residential Visual Amenity Assessment-June 2019

EIA scoping – an endangered species?

EIA screening and permitted development- April 2019

Common Weaknesses in the Assessment of Community & Social Effects in EIA and how to Address Them

Planning Court Endorses Broad Approach to 'Setting'

The importance and benefits of a well-written ES

The importance of a robust EIA process and effective community consultation for an archaeologically sensitive site.

TOR article Heritage Setting A Consensus.pdf

NPPF and enhancing the historic environment

Understanding and utilising Cultural Heritage throughout the Planning Process

Setting EIA parameters – allowing flexibility for the future?

Consideration of community and health effects in EIA - an improving situation

The timing of EIA screening

South London Energy Recovery Facility ES - A complex future baseline

The challenge and importance of ensuring consistency in impact assessment methodologies throughout an ES


Great Crested Newt eDNA Surveys on EIA projects – Is It Worth It?

Are we placing too much weight on the ES rather than the whole EIA process?

Reflections of aYear-out Student

Possible Implications for UK's Environmental Policy

Implementing Mitigation During Construction

The Role of Local Knowledge in EIA

TEP article Where Does The Project End.pdf

The use of verified photomontage illustrations to support LVA

Let's keep it all proportionate

Recognising the importance of art in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

What underperforming EIA systems of developing nations can learn from the UK practice: The case of Jordan

Ecological survey seasons and requirements and their effect on project timescales and EIA delivery

Paris Climate Change Conference - November 2015

The value of research impact in practice: a case study of the T-pylon

The Landmark Practice (TLP)

Landmark Practice article The Effects of the Feed-In Tariff on the Development Sector.pdf

TLP article Interdisciplinary working in EIA.pdf

Landmark Practice article A Picture Paints A Thousand Words - NO IMAGES.pdf

Dealing with biodiversity in phased development

Predicting the growth of tree and hedge planting when determining the effectivess of mitigation

The Value of Local Environmental Records Centres and complexities of data provision, in line with BS 42020 requirements

Creative Planning for Solar PV

Screening – A Cautionary Tale

Imbalance In The EIA Process (The LPA Perspective)

The Lawton Report, Five Years On


Wind Energy Migrating Bird Species

Land Acquisition and ESIA in Equator Principles Projects

Implications of the May 2014 SNH Ornithological Survey Guidelines for Onshore Wind Projects

Sports & Recreational Amenity Assessment

Shale Gas Exploration - Assessment of Risks and Assessment of Impacts

The Links between EIA and Environmental Permitting for an Energy from Waste Scheme

Turley Associates

The Use of Mitigation in EIA – Implications of Case Law-September 2019

Undertaking EIA Screening (Town and Country Planning (EIA) Regulations 2017): A Consultant and Developer’s Guide to Key Features of the Regulations and their Implementation in Practice

Assessing Short Term, Large Scale Sporting Events

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Social Value

Can the DCLG Replacement EIA Regulations consultation result in effective change?

Turley article Considering Alternatives.pdf

Section 50 Infrastructure Act: Does it change EIA for Fracking?

EIA Amendment Regulations 2015 come into force on 6th April

URS Infrastructure and Environmental UK Ltd

URS article Local Development Orders and Environmental Impact.pdf

URS article Save Britains Heritage - Case law In Practice.pdf

Perspectives of an EIA generalist

Offsetting within Victoria, Australia and its application to the UK Biodiversity Offsetting Scheme

Infrastructure Planning Regime: Scoping and Delivering a Proportionate EIA

Wardell Armstrong LLP

The Value of Screening in Scoping-October 2019

Water Resources, WFD Compliance Assessments and Brexit_January 2019

Odour Assessments in Planning

Network Rail Habitat Translocation and Management in Cambridgeshire

Arboricultural Information for Environmental Statements

The use of Geotechnical Applications to Assess Remote Archaeological Deposits

WardellArmstrong Will Changes To Regulations Mean More Requests for EIA Screening Opinions.pdf

Noise impact from wind farm developments - Allowance for Directivity in relation to wind direction

Iterative Design Through EIA

Guidelines for Environmental Noise Assessment – October 2014

Planning and EIA – why it pays to get it right first time

Waterman Infrastructure and Environment Ltd

Complexities of Aligning EIA with Different Planning Strategies_July 2019

'Outline CEMP’ – A guide for the contractor

The Importance of Public Consultation in EIA- August 2018

The Future of EIA

Implementing Mitigation Measures Through Monitoring

Implications of Brexit on the Future of EIA

The Use of GIS in EIA for Urban Redevelopment Projects.

WEED article EIA Screening Changes And Challenges.pdf

WEED article Why waste management doesnt always need to be an EIA issue.pdf

A case for Post-Development monitoring of Mitigation

Integrating Human Health Impacts into EIA in the UK

Bridging the Gap – Pre to the post-planning

Recent perspectives on the UKs breach of the NO2 Limits as set out in the EU Ambient Air Quality Directive

White Peak Planning

The Need for Technical Guidance for Determining the Significance of Environmental Effects in EIA-April 2019

Do we really need to describe effects prior to mitigation?-April 2019

Consideration of Indirect Air Quality Effects in EIA

Undertaking an EIA for more than one Planning Application

Wood Environment and Infrastructure UK Ltd

Major Accidents and Disasters and the Assessment of Significance-October 2019

Developing assessments of greenhouse gases and climate change resilience in EIA_April 2019

Inter-Related Assessments: Evaluation and Recommendations-February 2019

The Importance of Coordinated Land Access for EIA's

What is this MADness

EIA, Historic Environment and the value of clear and early consultation

Commitment 7 2016-17

AMEC article In Praise Of Schedules.pdf

A common approach for cumulative impact assessment in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters wave and tidal devices

The Approach Adopted to the Abberton Scheme Environmental Statement

A delicate balance: spinning plates as an EIA Co-ordinator

Undertaking EIA in Qatar provides the opportunity to improve work practices

Use of Viewpoint Analysis as a Tool in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)

WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff

GIS – more than an afterthought? The importance of standards and coordination in the EIA process-July 2019

EIA effectiveness and decision-making-February 2019

EIA Under Different Regimes

Equalities and EIA

WSP article Improving ESIA Effectiveness Through Links To EMS.pdf

WSP article The Equator Principles Are Allowing Low Income Economies To Lead The Way In ESIA practice.pdf

NTS - are they what they say they are?

A retrospective approach to the consideration of Alternative Sites – the best we can hope for?

Securing Good Proportions in EIA through Effective Scoping

Are Effects on Health Adequately Considered Within Current EIA Practice?

WYG Group Ltd

Housing Development and Requirement for Increased Clarity on Nutrient Management in Special Areas of Conservation- April 2019

Review of the current practices in the assessment of Cumulative Effects

The Dominion of the Competent Expert

EIA Screening and Cumulative Effects

WYG article Reporting Climate Change Effects In EIA.pdf

WYG article Using Parameters In Planning Applications.pdf

WYG article Liverpool Waters Case Study.pdf

WYG article Climate Change Adaptation in long term projects.pdf

Conclusions to Environmental Statements

Links Between the Marine Licensing and EIA Processes in England

Review of the IEMA Noise Guidance Update 2014

Review of Gerber vs. Wiltshire

Onshore Wind Farms and Scoping

A review of the changes to the Ecological Impact Assessment in the UK and Ireland for the publication of the 2nd Edition of the guidelines in January 2016 ‘from both sides of the fence

Xodus Group Ltd

Challenges associated with Cumulative Impact Assessment and seabird collision risk-modelling for offshore wind farm EIA-December 2019

Twenty five years after Brent Spa- Rethinking decommissioning- November 2019

Top 6 tips to help you navigate from consent to construction-April 2019

Listening to international guidance to develop best practice in noise impact assessment-February 2019

Challenges Faced with use of Rochdale Envelope in Renewables EIA.

A Perception of the Advantages and Challenges of Remote Working

An Insight into the Engineering Perspective of EIA

Maintaining Robust Assessments During key High Profile Projects

How best to understand and assess environmental noise in oil and gas once the initial Environmental Statement is complete?

Xodus article Impact Significance - A Risk Based Approach.pdf

Xodus article Numerical Modeling for marine renewable EIA.pdf

Early consideration of environmental aspects - adding value to projects

Social Impact Assessment

Collision modelling for marine mammals and tidal turbines - lessons learned

Ecosystem Services and ESIA: Moving Forward

EIA…The view from site

Making the most of specialists in EIA

Proportionate EIA for Decommissioning in the North Sea

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