IEMA’s Royal Charter Application: Help Make Our History

It’s time that your work enjoyed the same worldwide recognition and respect as other established professions. While it’s our job to build universal understanding of what you do, and celebrate the impact and unrivalled purpose of your profession, we now need you to help us do that on a whole new level.

This year we are working to achieve a Royal Charter to boost global recognition for your profession. Now that all preliminary parts of our application are complete, it’s time for you to have your say on our next steps at an important upcoming event.

You are invited to attend an important Extraordinary General Meeting in London on Tuesday 15th May where you can cast your influential member’s vote to confirm whether to progress our application for an IEMA Royal Charter. This is a significant opportunity to help make our history, so do remember that voting is open to all members, regardless of your membership grade, location or availability to attend the meeting in person.

CLICK HERE to secure your member’s seat at the EGM.   

Full details about the Extraordinary General Meeting, voting information and FAQs about our Royal Charter ambitions can all be found from the links below:

This content is restricted for member-only access. Please login to access all the papers relating to the EGM.

Find out about everything taking place on 15th May across three distinct and exciting sessions, and how to book your place by clicking here.

If you have any questions about IEMA's petition for a Royal Charter, the EGM or voting, please get in touch at any time. 

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