MSc Sustainable Development (Surrey)

As our world rapidly progresses, how can we better protect our planet? In the wake of the 2015 United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals, our MSc in Sustainable Development gives you the knowledge to help organisations towards a greener future. This course will prepare you to join a new generation of environment and sustainability professionals ready to tackle the strategic challenges ahead. What you will study, Questioning what you thought you knew about sustainability and the environment, we’ll inspire you to face society’s major sustainability challenges. We also provide insight into the latest thinking in numerous important areas, covering the tools essential for analysing the relationship between environmental issues and human society. As part of this approach, you will evaluate political, socio-economic, ethical, cultural and regulatory frameworks. You will acquire a sensitive appreciation of the issues surrounding sustainable development and an understanding of the theory and application of sustainable development. Our course also give you the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of external speakers from industry, government and NGOs who are active in establishing sustainable development. These workshops will provide you with real insights into their organisations.

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