MSc Environmental Assessment and Management (UEA) Part Time

Study an MSc in Environmental Assessment and Management (EAM) at UEA and learn from international experts how to properly evaluate the potential impacts of proposed policies, plans or projects, drawing on best practice from around the world. Learn through doing, based on an approach of applying theory in practice on a weekly basis, and suffer the pain associated with developing and applying practical skills by conducting fieldwork in all weathers, conducting interviews of unsuspecting members of the public, presenting your findings in front of your peers, and writing plans allocating responsibilities and timings associated with environmental management activities. This course is ideal for anyone who values the socio-economic and natural environment and wishes to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. You will develop, amongst others, your research, communication, teamwork, and analytical skills, providing the necessary skills for employment in the key stakeholder organisations involved with EAM, such as: environmental consultancies, decision makers, regulators, statutory consultees, and NGOs. Whether your background is earth sciences, or social sciences, the course is still relevant. There are no specific prerequisites as the focus is on understanding and improving EAM through the core modules, whilst allowing a wide range of optional modules that provide additional employability skills associated with specific impact prediction practice.

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University of East Anglia

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