Foundations Programme in Public Participation: Techniques for Effective Public Participation

The only international program of its kind, the Foundations program provides participants with an overview of public participation, best practices in the field, and dynamic techniques to enhance impact. This unique training program equips participants with practical tools for designing and implementing effective public participation plans and communications strategies. A major reason that initiatives fail is inadequate preparation. The IAP2 planning module provides you with a proven structure that will greatly increase your odds of a successful project. This hands-on course gives you the opportunity to delve into your own challenges as you learn and review the essential elements of effective public participation planning. Once you have completed the planning module, you are ready to add 50+ practical tools and methodologies to your public participation toolkit - powerful techniques you can put to immediate use in your next project. This module breaks down specific methods including World Cafe, Citizens Juries, Revolving Conversations, Nominal Group Technique, Deliberation and Advisory Groups. Opportunities to practice, experience and understand when and how to utilise such techniques are provided, and in the process you get to build and refine your own Facilitation skills.

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