IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management

Are you looking to upskill or increase your knowledge to further your career? IEMA’s Certificate in Environmental Management course will give you the detailed knowledge of environment and sustainability that you’re looking for. As well as improving your knowledge, this course takes it one step further and provides you with the ability to apply environmental management and assessment tools that are needed to be an effective practitioner. This course leads directly to IEMA Practitioner Membership.

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What is IEMA?

IEMA is the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability. We are responsible for ensuring that people working on the front line in these areas have the right knowledge, competencies, skills and confidence to do a professional job. We also help and support businesses, governments and regulators to do the right thing when it comes to environment and sustainability related initiatives, challenges and opportunities.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for professionals who are working in organisations at an operational level and pursuing a career path in environment and sustainability. You will be working within environmental management or sustainability and require detailed knowledge of environmental and sustainability principles, management tools and other skills to effectively deliver positive change.

Aligning with the competencies required for IEMA Practitioner Membership (find out more about these in our Sustainability Skills Map), this course is perfect for anyone wishing to upgrade their IEMA membership to Practitioner Level and Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP).

Included within the training course fee is a year's membership which will commence upon enrolment. During the course, you will be a Practitioner Applicant Member and when you successfully complete the course you will be invited to progress your Practitioner Member application (REnvP is an additional cost).

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What are the entry requirements?

You will need a foundation level of environmental and/or sustainability knowledge gained through work experience or a relevant course, such as the Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management.

What will you learn?

Over the course of three modules a learner on this course will be able to:

  • Explain the implications of global trends for the environment, for society, for the economy and for organisations and the role of an Environment/Sustainability practitioner in overcoming these challenges
  • Explain sustainable business/governance models, their underlying principles and their relationship with organisations, products and services
  • Explain environmental principles and their relationship with organisations, products and services
  • Explain major policy and legislation and their implications for organisations, products and services
  • Explain major and relevant tools, techniques, systems and practices, their application and how they can be used to develop sustainable products and services and improve sustainability performance
  • Explain the role of innovation and other leading practices in developing sustainable products and services and providing sustainable solutions
  • Collect and critically analyse data, and report information that informs decision making
  • Identify problems and assess opportunities that deliver innovative and sustainable products and services
  • Determine, implement and measure methods of effective communication
  • Identify and engage in two-way communication with stakeholders
  • Apply or implement tools, techniques, systems and practices that identify opportunities and risks.
  • Deliver projects and programmes that achieve performance improvement
  • Implement change and transformation

How do you learn?

This is a 15-day course (120 hours), which can be taken at your own pace online or in a classroom. Our courses are delivered by a group of competent Training Partners that IEMA has assessed to ensure quality, the list of those who deliver this course are below.

You can select your preferred Training Partner by learning more about each one on the Training Partner Register here or by looking below at the next upcoming course that works for you and your schedule – simply click on ‘see more info’ next to your preferred Training Partner.

How will you be assessed?

There are three knowledge-based assignments and one assessment of competence that should give examples of how the knowledge learnt throughout the course have been applied practically within the workplace. On successful completion of your assessment, you will receive a certificate to recognise your achievement and you will be sent details of how to join IEMA as a Practitioner Member, earning your PIEMA professional suffix and all other benefits that come as being a member of a professional body.

How do you book onto a course?

Below you can see all the Training Partners offering this course. Find the Training Partner you would like to be trained by, click on ‘see more info’ and then find a suitable course for you. This list details the start date, location (whether virtual or in a classroom), and the link to book via the Training Partner website.

Providers offering this Course

Astutis Ltd

Upcoming Courses delivered by Astutis Ltd
Date Location Link
E-learningClick to book
12/06/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book
19/06/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book
03/07/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book
18/09/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book
02/10/2023LondonClick to book
23/10/2023WarringtonClick to book
06/11/2023CardiffClick to book
13/11/2023CardiffClick to book

Make UK

Upcoming Courses delivered by Make UK
Date Location Link
E-LearningClick to book
05/09/2023Leamington SpaClick to book
11/09/2023Leamington SpaClick to book

Envirotrain Training

Upcoming Courses delivered by Envirotrain Training
Date Location Link
E-LearningClick to book

RRC International

Upcoming Courses delivered by RRC International
Date Location Link
E-LearningClick to book
04/09/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book

Institute of Environmental Assessment (IOEA)

There are no upcoming dates for this course provided by Institute of Environmental Assessment (IOEA)

Visit Institute of Environmental Assessment (IOEA)'s website

Charburn Consulting Ltd

Upcoming Courses delivered by Charburn Consulting Ltd
Date Location Link
E-LearningClick to book

Baitau Partners LLP

Upcoming Courses delivered by Baitau Partners LLP
Date Location Link
16/10/2023AlmatyClick to book

Act Sustainably Ltd

Upcoming Courses delivered by Act Sustainably Ltd
Date Location Link
04/09/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book
14/11/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book

TSW Training

Upcoming Courses delivered by TSW Training
Date Location Link
Virtual ClassroomClick to book
24/07/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book
11/09/2023Virtual classroomClick to book

QHSE International

There are no upcoming dates for this course provided by QHSE International

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Global Sustainability Solutions and Services QFZ LLC

There are no upcoming dates for this course provided by Global Sustainability Solutions and Services QFZ LLC

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