Certificate in Environmental Management (leading to Practitioner Membership)

This course covers all areas of knowledge you need to become an IEMA Practitioner (PIEMA) and is the brand new course specifically designed for Practitioner membership. Practitioner membership is the benchmark for Environmental and Sustainability professionals with sleeves rolled up; membership for the working experts who are driving change.

The Certificate in Environmental Management course will give you the knowledge needed to further your career. It is for professionals who are working across organisations at an operational level, and pursuing a career path in environment and sustainability. This new and improved course has replaced the Associate Certificate and is the new route to Practitioner membership.

The course is assessed through three knowledge based assignments and one assessment of competence that should give examples of how the knowledge learnt throughout the course have been applied practically within the workplace.

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Astutis Ltd

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Make Business

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Envirotrain Training

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RRC International

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Institute of Environmental Assessment (IOEA)

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Charburn Consulting Ltd

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Baitau Partners LLP

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