Temporary Log-in Boundary – 2nd – 8th May

From 4pm on Tuesday 2nd May, we’re powering up a new system that will help drive improvements to your membership. While we’re doing that, there will be some temporary disruption to iema.net log-in - just for a few days to ensure it all goes smoothly. You will still be able to join online and log-in to MyIEMA to reach all your member-only features. Online payments for renewals and the facility for updating your details will be out of action for a few days. So if you need to do either of these things, don’t hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0)1522 540069 or e-mail info@iema.net and let us take care of the admin.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership: The Power of Partnership

Our mission — to transform the world to sustainability — depends upon organisations like yours reshaping the world of business.


Your environment and sustainability professionals are positioned to drive real change — but they need equipping with the right skills, resources and guidance. Together, we can make this happen and achieve your sustainability goals. Corporate membership of IEMA arms organisations with the tools and talent needed to drive competitiveness, productivity, resilience and growth against a backdrop of numerous sustainability and climate threats. It’s about the power of partnership and we’re already working with big organisations like BP, Skanksa, Rolls Royce, Willmot Dixon, WSP and Siemens. Join us so you can join the same journey towards sustainability as them.


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Corporate Registers

Click on Registers to begin your journey and find out how our Corporate Registers can drive new levels of performance, recognition and reputation. 

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