CMSD Worksheets

Change Management for Sustainable Development


This guide book is designed to work with you. There are places where you can directly write in your own insights or how things are in your context. There is also a series of worksheets you can download to help with your own analysis and planning, or to share with people you are working with. 


Worksheet One

Skills and abilities of a great sustainability change-maker self-assessment

Worksheet Two

Sources of power – self-assessment

Worksheet Three

PESTLE analysis

Worksheet Four

How well integrated is sustainable development in your organisation?

Worksheet Five

Your mandate: what does your organisation want from you?

Worksheet Six

Stakeholder mapping

Worksheet Seven

Barriers to change

Worksheet Eight

SWOT analysis

Worksheet Nine

Future perfect

Worksheet Ten

How will you know you’re making change?

Worksheet Eleven

Ways to engage stakeholders

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