Sustainability In Practice Series

Volume 1 - Change Management for Sustainable Development

Change Management for Sustainable Development

Sustainability requires transformation to a fairer society, which means organisations must collaborate, innovate and create value without degrading our environment. We all know this, but what is our contribution? How can we help to change our organisations from the inside out? And where do we start?

Our first guide from in our new Sustainability in Practice series of “how-to” books – published in response to member demand – will direct and support you along this journey and to be more positive, powerful and resourceful. It’s practical and easy to follow, with step-by-step guidance and focus on “active reading”.

The guide draws on tested experience of leading change makers to ensure it will help you to understand how you can be most effective in creating positive change. It will help you be better equipped to continue your journey from wherever you are now, taking your organisation further along the road to transformational change.

“In writing this book, I want to make it more likely that you will be able to act more effectively to change your organisation (or depending on your sphere of influence, other organisations in your sector or location) so that it contributes to sustainable development.” - Penny Walker, FIEMA

“It is not only from the boardroom and the senior team that these new strategies and changes will come, but from right across organizations. Understanding how to achieve and manage change at multiple levels is thus another modern competence that managers and leaders need to master.” - Tony Juniper CBE

Change Management for Sustainable Development was written by Penny Walker, with the involvement from over 50 IEMA members and leading professionals. This is IEMA's second edition, revised and fully updated with new interviews and tested experience. This guidance is available free of charge to all IEMA members as a download and interactive publication and is also available to purchase as a book.

Download your free copy as an IEMA member

This guide is free for IEMA members. Please login to download this guide.

Change Management for Sustainable Development is free to download for all IEMA members. It can also be purchased in hard copy - £15 for members from the Member Shop, or £25 for non-members here.

  • This guide book is designed to work with you and includes a series of worksheets you can download. These are available here
  • Change Management for Sustainable Development was previewed at the IEMA Leading the Way conference in November 2017-The case study presentations are available here
  • Change Management for Sustainable Development – IEMA’s New Sustainability in Practice guide- Webinar held in January 2018 available here

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