England town and country planning. The consultation from the communities and local government department (DCLG) on transposing the EIA Directive includes a discussion document and a copy of the proposed regulations.

The new regulations will come into force on 16 May 2017. An IEMA consultation workshop was held in Birmingham on 12 January and another is planned for 23 January in Manchester (iema.net/events). IEMA’s response will also include feedback from the pre-consultation workshop and the roundtable with senior EIA professionals, both held in October 2015. The consultation closes on 1 February.

England, Wales and cross-border – development consent orders. The DCLG has also launched a consultation on replacing the National Infrastructure (EIA) Regulations related to DCO applications. The IEMA workshops focus on how EIAs for future DCO applications have already been considering the forthcoming changes. This consultation also closes on 1 February.

Northern Ireland – town and country planning. The Department for Infrastructure has launched a comprehensive consultation document on transposing the new directive. It includes draft regulations. IEMA will respond by the 9 February deadline.

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales: Defra and the devolved governments are consulting on five other EIA regimes – forestry, agriculture, water resources, land drainage and marine works. IEMA plans to respond to these consultations by the 31 January deadline.

EIA webinar – IEMA is hosting a webinar on 18 January. It will cover all the consultations and identify forthcoming changes and challenging areas for EIA practice.

Members with views on the consultations can email IA policy lead Josh Fothergill with their comments (j.fothergill@iema.net).

Forthcoming IA webinars:

  • 23 Feb – ESIA series
  • 22 Mar – Towards digital EIA*
  • 12 Apr – ESIA series
  • 25 Apr – EIA in enabling development*
  • 17 May – The UK’s new EIA Regulations: what you need to know

* Presenting slots in these webinars are open to bids from IEMA members. Visit bit.ly/2iDl8h4 for details.