Revision to the International EMS Standard ISO 14001

The EMS standard is being revised to drive environment into business strategy, consider environmental risks to business and ensure organisations consider the life cycle implications of their actions; adoption of the revised standard by ISO is expected in spring 2015

The revised edition of the international standard for environmental management systems – used by over 285,800 organisations worldwide – is moving ever closer to completion, with the ISO working group’s attention now focussed on considering consultation responses received on the draft text.  IEMA has worked with members throughout the revision process and will continue to provide support to the working group as the revision progresses.

 “The proposed changes will mean organisations need to focus on building environment into their core business.  We’ll be working with IEMA members to ensure that environment and sustainability professionals are able to implement the changes in their organisations and add maximum business value” – Martin Baxter.

November ‘14: Working Group reviews DIS responses 

The Draft International Standard (ISO 14001 DIS) was open to public consultation between July and October 2014. IEMA ran a series of workshops and webinars to engage members in developing our formal response to the consultation.

As the consultation has closed free access to the DIS text is no longer available. However, anyone wishing to review the can purchase a copy to download, by visiting the BSI Shop.

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September ‘14: New Training to Transition to 14001:2015

Making the Transition to ISO14001:2015

Course Bio

IEMA has developed a new course, delivered by our approved training partners – Making the Transition to ISO14001:2015. The course is aimed at individuals responsible for implementing / maintaining an EMS and is focussed on how to address forthcoming changes from ISO 14001:2015. The course includes use of our unique electronic iemaSTS EMS Gap Analysis Tool. 

Learn more and find the nearest course to you here 

ISO 14001: 2013 Survey

In 2013 ISO/TC 207/SC 1 conducted a survey on ISO 14001 and ISO 14004 covering a range of potential areas for continual improvement.

For environmental management, responses from the ISO 14001 Continual Improvement Survey 2013 suggest that organizations have realized significant value from ISO 14001 in terms of meeting legal requirements, improving environmental performance, and enhancing management commitment and stakeholder engagement- close to 75% of participants indicated that meeting legal requirements and improving the organization’s environmental performance was of ‘high’ or ‘very high’ value, while more than 60% indicated ‘high’ to ‘very high value’ for management commitment and employee engagement.

The survey results were published in February 2014 and are published in four parts. Access these from ISO's website here.

News on ISO 14001

More Environmental Management News

ISO 14001 Revision IEMA webinar November 2013

On 4th November IEMA, Martin Baxter held a webinar on the Proposed changes to ISO 14001. IEMA members can watch the webinar recording and view the slides.

Key Changes as proposed by Committee Draft 2

The EMS standard is being revised in line with a new high-level structure for all management system standards adopted by ISO, and a series of wide-ranging recommendations from ISO's EMS Future Challenges report. Key changes in the revised draft standard include:

  • Understanding the organisation’s strategic context and engagement with interested parties

  • Greater focus on environmental performance improvement across the value chain

  • Evaluating organisational risks and opportunities in the context of external environmental conditions (e.g. adapting to climate change, resource availability)

  • Strengthening requirements on the involvement of top management and integration of environmental management into core business processes and alignment with business strategy

  • Greater clarity on external communication, including emphasis on data quality and assurance

ISO 14001: Revision Timeline

Jul 2014: Draft International Standard (DIS)

Mid 2014: Final Ballot takes place for adoption of the new 14001 standard

Early 2014: IEMA submits comments on CD2

November 4th 2013: Martin Baxter held a webinar on the Proposed changes to ISO 14001. IEMA members can watch the webinar recording and view the slides.

October 2013: Second committee draft (CD2) of ISO 14001 released for consultation – IEMA members consulted for feedback

May 2013: IEMA held a series of workshops around the UK, with over 400 members participating. View the IEMA Workshop Series Committee Draft Feedback Write-Up. IEMA released its consolidated feedback to CD1 in IEMA Comments CD1 ISO 14001

March 2013: ISO 14001 Committee Draft 1 (CD1) was been prepared for feedback. IEMA’s place on the UK BSI Standards mirror committee meant that IEMA members were permitted access to the CD in order to comment on its content.

June 2012: IEMA releases a Position Statement on ISO 14001 revision- IEMA researched the views of through a variety of engagement opportunities between December 2011 and May 2012, publishing its position on the revision recommendations for ISO 14001 in IEMA Position Statement

April 2012: IEMA survey on the revision to ISO 14001. The summary of responses can be found in the IEMA IEMA ISO 14001 Revision Briefing Note

December 2011 to January 2012: IEMA held a series of workshops involving over 400 practitioners. View the IEMA Workshop Series Write-Up.

February 2012: ISO adopts a new High Level Structure for all of its management system standards. ISO’s Technical Management Board adopted a new, High Level Structure for all of its management systems standards. The new High Level Structure has been incorporated into ISO’s Directives and will form the basis for the revised version of ISO 14001. View a copy of the new structure ISO’s website (Annex SL p141-154).

November 2011: The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) voted to revise ISO 14001 – the leading standard for Environmental Management Systems.

2010: ISO releases its report Future Challenges of EMS. It includes 24 recommendations for a future review of the standard

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