IEMA Environmental Auditor Register

The IEMA Register of Environmental Auditors is open to both internal and external auditors working within the areas of environmental auditing and environmental management systems (EMS) auditing.

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You can apply to one of the general environmental auditor levels as an Associate, Registered or Registered Principle Environmental Auditors, or to one of the EMS Auditor Levels as an EMS Auditor or Lead EMS Auditor.

Associate Environmental Auditor

Registered Associate Environmental Auditors are typically active 'trainee' environmental auditors who are expected to have, as a minimum, a basic knowledge of environmental auditing.

Registered Environmental Auditor

Registered Environmental Auditors are expected to have a good appreciation of a range of environmental issues and environmental auditing techniques and to be competent environmental auditors in the areas in which they operate. However, their experience may be confined to a limited number of environmental audit types and sectors. Registered Environmental Auditors will typically be regular and active members of environmental audit teams.

Principal Environmental Auditor

Registered Principal Environmental Auditors are expected to have a wealth of environmental auditing expertise and will typically lead/manage environmental audit teams and liaise with senior management on a regular basis. They are expected to be able to take considerably greater responsibilities than registered Environmental Auditors and to have an excellent appreciation of the wide range of issues pertaining to environmental auditing.

EMS Auditor

EMS Auditors are expected to have a good appreciation of the EMS audit process and be qualified to be a member of an audit team to undertake specific duties that they have expertise in.

Lead EMS Auditor

Lead EMS Auditors are expected to have a thorough appreciation of all aspects of the EMS audit process and be qualified to lead an audit team.


The Register is an internationally recognised environmental auditor accreditation scheme, dedicated to raising the professional competence in the environmental auditing field.

By becoming an IEMA Registered Auditor you will:

  • Demonstrate a high degree of independence and competency in the environment auditing field
  • Demonstrate environmental credibility with regulatory authorities and the public
  • Opt into the auditor referral service which provides employment opportunities for consultancies or independent auditors
  • Receive all the benefits of IEMA individual members including access to networking opportunities, publications including 'the environmentalist' magazine, IEMA's online resources, CPD and more

How to Apply

Learn more about the application process on the IEMA Environmental Auditor Register Application Process page.

To apply, read, complete and return the the IEMA Environmental Auditor Application Pack to us by post or email.

Environmental Auditor Application Pack


Please see the Application Pack to review the eligibility levels for each of the Environmental Auditor register.


The initial application fee will cover the administrative costs of undertaking the assessment, and Affiliate Membership of the Institute if you are not already a member. Thereafter you will be required to pay an annual renewal fee. The cost of applying depends on whether you are already a member of IEMA. The cost to members will be appropriate application fee only. Please see application pack for details.

Auditor Level Membership Fee Auditor Application Fee Total Fee
Associate Environmental Auditor £112 £49.20 (inc. VAT 20%) £161.20
Environmental Auditor £112 £175.20(inc. VAT 20%) £287.20
Principal Environmental Auditor £112 £313.20 (inc. VAT 20%) £425.20
EMS Auditor £112 £54.00(inc. VAT 20%) £156.00
Lead EMS Auditor £112 £85.20(inc. VAT 20%) £197.20

Find out more through this webinar:

In this IEMA webinar held in May 2014 we went through what the Register is, benefits of joining, the different levels of registration and the process of applying.

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Maintaining your IEMA Environmental Auditor Membership

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is a key component of being an IEMA registered Auditor with a requirement for all registered Auditors to submit annual evidence of CPD.

Find out more about CPD

If you would like to update your details on the IEMA database, read, complete and return the Update Form to us by post or email.

Auditor Training with IEMA

IEMA approve a variety of Environmental courses

Environmental Training

Auditing Standards

Here's a couple of standards you can buy through the BSI shop to help

BS EN ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for auditing management systems

BS EN ISO 14015:2010 Environmental management. Environmental assessment of sites and organizations (EASO)